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We were founded in 2010, created to bring Integral Wellness to Families through multi-level marketing with high quality, effective Nutritional Supplements. REDNATURA follows its own Business Plan, made to help you Transform your Life.

The perfect blend of Business and Health is possible thanks to our MISSION, VISION and VALUES that make us distinct.


We strive to transform lives by creating abundance, prosperity, happiness, and making long term relationships. We provide a reliable system to our Representatives, collaborators, suppliers and shareholders so that wellness, growth, and mutual loyalty are consistent.


We aspire to be a leading organization, recognized internationally for our Representatives and our wellness culture by offering high quality and adequate supplements through network marketing.


Humane Quality, Quality of Life, Freedom, Service, and Honesty.


Mr. Alberto Mares and Mrs. Sandra Amador, Mexican Entrepreneurs.

Alberto Mares Soto, President and Founder of REDNATURA, grew up in Mexico under difficult circumstances. At a very young age he suffered the loss of his father, however this challenge didn’t deter him from becoming a successful businessman.

He went on to create his company by importing goods from the U.S., such as herbal teas and later natural supplements, to start distributing in Mexico.

Afterwards, he decided to manufacture and distribute his own products. He combined a medical and scientific team to establish his own laboratories, working everyday to develop potent and innovative formulas.

In 2010, Mr. Mares created a company based on network marketing to sell products. He studied the industry and designed the Compensation Plan in order to increase the bonus pays that members of REDNATURA receive.

Our President and Founder has worked hand in hand with his wife Sandra Amador,CEO REDNATURA in Mexico. As a team they’ve done an extraordinary job giving thousands of families confidence and the opportunity to change their lives. Our CEO REDNATURA Mexico has also promoted and worked for the PERSONAL and PROFESSIONAL development of thousands of women so they can grow and achieve their dreams.

Together they’ve been able to lead a great Work Team that supports them in giving the best service to Independent Representatives, Preferred Customers, and the General Public.


During these six years, the company has been running independently and growing consistently. In collaboration with REDNATURA México, Rodolfo Mares, son of Alberto Mares Soto, has shown this Great Opportunity that transforms lives, always true to the values and vision of this Company.

Loyal to the teachings of his father and his own experience, he has taken on the role of consolidating REDNATURA in the American Market. Together with the Family of Representatives, they have improved the quality of life for many families by providing health and a business that has generated thousands of dollars over the years.

Our Support in Advancing Natural Health

Parent Company, Natural Health®. Natural Health, works with multiple certifications and processes that comply with the FDA.

Your Integral Business

The benefits of a powerful Compensation Plan are in the direct recommendation of our products. This way, money reserved for wholesalers, resellers, and advertising agencies is shared with thousands of our Representatives.

Products that show results.

Every single one of our products is submitted through rigorous physicochemical and microbiological tests. These processes ensure a higher standard of quality than required on the market.

Before a product makes its way to a customer, it’s tested by a medical team in order to guarantee quality and effectiveness.

  • 25 years of Experience developing and perfecting Nutritional Supplements.
  • REDNATURA-OWNED Investigation and Development Labs.
  • We meet national and international standards.

REDNATURA has a solid objective and duty to its people and that is to help completely Transform their Lives. This change is essential, bringing health and well-being and a better economy for the people who join as well as their Families.

In REDNATURA you can reach all of your personal goals. The business is easy to follow; use and share the benefits of our products.

Whatever your dream is, in REDNATURA you can reach it.

Join this amazing family and have the lifestyle you deserve!